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Yves and Arnaud Lambert demonstrate their talent by producing wine with diverse tastes and textures by using a single grape variety: the Cabernet Franc for the red wines and the Chenin de Loire for the white wines.
The intrinsic method denoting the production of quality wine, lies in the precise choice of individual plots of land, and the well considered processes of cultivation and vinification. The final result sees exceptionally aromatic wines, deriving from three different ranges, which include; Perles, Plaisirs (supple and tasty) and Haute Coutures (profound and intense vatfuls).

Collection des Vins gamme PERLE Collection des Vins Gamme PLAISIRS Collection des Vins Gamme HAUTE COUTURE
Vin blanc Crémant de Loire Blanc Vin blanc “Les Perrières"
Saumur Blanc
Vin blanc “Coulée de Saint-Cyr”
Saumur Blanc
Vin rosé Crémant de Loire Rosé Vin rouge “Terres Rouges”
Saumur Champigny
Vin rouge “Montée des Roches”
Saumur Champigny
Vin rouge l’Ardoisier
(Méthode traditionnelle Rouge)
Vin rouge “Clos Moleton”
Saumur Champigny
    Vin blanc doux “Valboisière”
Coteaux de Saumur
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